• 2nd grade


2nd grade Christmas Memory

Thanksgiving Poem generator
  • Create a poem
  • copy and paste it to Word
  • format the font
  • insert a picture of a turkey
  • print

ABC Mouse

April 28
April 23
  • All About Dinosaurs Power Point
    • Continue working on powerpoint
March 26
View "I Spy Spring"

March 24
March 17
  • Continue your I spy picture in Paint. Hide 5 items then type, "I spy..."
March 11
Let's practice our suffixes with the following game, then explore I Spy City.

Let's explore ISpy City
  • Later this week you will be creating an I spy a Leprechaun picture.

March 3
2 D Shapes
Feb. 24
Whole class: Review Word, ribbon, tabs
Feb. 13
Feb. 12
100th day of School
Feb. 10
Continue Awesome Adjectives
Feb. 3
Jan. 28
Jan. 27
Jan. 21
Jan. 6
  • Complete All About Me PowerPoint
  • Whole group: Watch Brain Pop Movie Penguins
  • National Geographic The Penguin Chick
  • Download the Penguin Math file below and complete. Save.
  • When finished play penguin games.
  • penguinmarblemath.JPG

Dec. 16
  • Have fun learning while playing Christmas games!!
  • Merry Christmas
external image 5805045.jpgreindeer song.JPG

external image 3399280.jpgexternal image 2252324.jpgexternal image 2733214.jpg

external image 4651686.jpgsnowman order.JPGelf difference.JPG
Nov. 18
Nov. 11

  • Open leaf photo in KidPix
  • Create your leaf man
  • Save as leaf man
Nov. 4
  • Whole group: Read Leaf Man
  • Go outside and find a leaf. Take a picture of it, and create your own leaf man.
  • Whole group: Watch Cyber-Five
    • Discuss more cyber rules
Oct. 28
Oct. 14
  • Build Your Wild Self
  • Print screen, copy and paste to a Word document
  • Write three things that you can do with your new animal parts.
  • wukdsekf.JPG
Oct. 7

Sept. 23-26
Sept. 16-20
Sept. 9-13
  • More keyboarding. Eyes on the screen, fingers on home row, feet down, elbows at side.
  • Dance Mat
  • Free time on the Keyboarding page the last 10 min of class.

Sept. 3
  • Keep working on Keyboarding
August 29th
  • Keyboarding: Use both hands, home row start on the f and j.
  • Begin on level 1
  • dancemat.JPG
August 27th and 28th
August 22
  • Review Tech lab rules
    • Enter the lab quietly, use hand sanitizer, sit on the carpet.
    • Respect your classmates and the technology equipment
  • Windows 8
    • Sign in, sign out
    • Start screen, tiles, charms, charm bar, apps, desktop
    • Maximize, minimize, close tab
  • Watch Arthur's Computer Disaster
  • Watch Mouse song