April 22
April 15-18
April 8-12
  • Watch Discovery Education Reading Rainbow, Digging up Dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur PowerPoint Project: use this website to research answers to the questions on your worksheet www.zoomdinosaurs.com
April 2-5
Keyboarding: remember to use both hands.
March 18-22
Let's explore ISpy City
  • Whole Class: How to create your ISpy Picture
    • Draw an Easter / Spring scene in TuxPaint
    • "Hide" in plain sight 10 items.
    • You need to include other things
    • You will need to rhyme 2 of the items you have hidden.
  • Create ISpy picture
  • When finished, try some more ISpy Games
March 11-15
Digital Citizenship
March 4-8
Have fun learning from these games!!

Feb. 25-28
  • Listen to Horton Hears a Who!
  • Whole class: Discuss qualities that make a good friend.
  • Type sentences about the qualities that make a good friend in Word.
  • Then draw a picture of you and your friend in Paint.
  • Save.
  • When finished Seussville games
Feb. 11-14
Feb. 4-8
Jan. 28-31
Jan. 22-25
Jan. 14
  • Watch William Bentley's snowflakes video
  • Create a snowflake in Paint.
  • Save as Snowflake-yourname
Jan. 7

Jan. 4
  • Finish Gingerbread Houses
  • Take Star test
Dec. 17-21
  • Finish Gingerbread House
  • Print
  • Christmas games
Dec. 10-14
Dec. 4
Nov. 26-30
  • Word
    • Type name 3 times change the font,size and color each time
    • Allign text Center
    • Insert clipart
    • Format picture behind text and infront of text
Nov. 12-16
  • Open a MS Word Document
    • Create a recipe for "How to Cook a Turkey"
    • Include the following:
      • where the turkey came from : the woods, store etc.
      • what pan will you put it in: pizza pan, pot, roasting pan etc.
      • list any seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic, butter, honey, sugar etc.
      • the way you will cook it: roast in oven, grill, over a fire, fry etc.
      • what temperature, and how long
  • Insert a clip art picture of a Thanksgiving Day turkey
Nov. 5-9
Oct. 29-Nov. 2
Oct. 23-26

Oct. 15-18
Oct. 8-12
  • Continue Insect Power points
Oct. 1-5
  • Finish Insect Power points
  • Just for fun when you are done
Sept. 24-28
Sept. 17-21
  • Insect webquest
  • Whole class: choose an insect.
  • On your own: Research your insect and answer questions on Step 2.
  • Whole class: Answer questions on Step 3
  • On your own: Write a letter to Terminix.
  • Insect groups design a group poster.
  • Just for fun when you are done!
Sept. 10-14

Sept. 3-6
  • Internet safety
  • Watch Faux Paw the techno cat
  • Whole group: discuss internet safety, do not give out personal information.
  • Brain pop Internet safety
  • Internet safety games
  • Review tools in tux paint or kid pix
  • Draw a self portrait using tux paint

August 22-31

May 7 - 11
Continue Amazing Animal Research
PowerPoint slides
  • insert pictures and information

April 30 - May 4
  • lesson 27

Amazing Animals Research
April 23 - 27
Dance Mat
Amazing Animal Research
  • Use website to research and answer question. Remember to use complete sentences and punctuation.
April 16 - 20
Paws on Jobs
lesson 23 or 24
Explore these links to learn more about your animal, and other animals.
Below are websites Mrs. Merkel found for you. Click on the link to explore the website to find interesting facts about your animal.
Arista, Brittain, Jaden, Riley, Landon-Cat family

Jeren-Komodo Dragon

Hunter, Jaiden-Giant panda

Kole-Waxy tree frog

Dustin-Sea lion
Michael-Red tailed hawk



April 10 - 13
Wednesday, Practice math facts and keyboarding
  • lesson 23 or 24
When you get 100% on your spelling words you may explore and research these websites for your animal that you have chosen.
April 2 - 4
Explore San Diego Zoo for an animal you would like to research.

March 25 - 29
Read Hairy, Scary, Ordinary What is an Adjective on e-books
Build an Adjective Food web

Adjective games
  • lesson 22 or 23
Spell a spring picture.
Practice keyboarding, pick a keyboarding game.
March 18 - 22
Lesson 21
Writing activity, "This weekend I..."
Type in Word, use clip art.
**Sentence Clubhouse**
Monkey Run
Lilly's Party
March 5 - 9
Dance Mat
Math Magician
Wild Math Facts
February 27 - March 2
  • List 19
Watch Dr. Seuss Lorax
Create a Dr. Seuss picture in tux paint.

Friday March 2, 2012

February 20 - 24
Math Facts
  • username: dwmustangs
  • password: mustangs
  • spelling list 18 or 19

February 13 - 17
Create a valentine using Word
February 6 - 10
100th day of School
Dinosaur Project

January 30 - Febuary 3

January 23-27
  • Watch Discovery Education Reading Rainbow, Digging up Dinosaurs
  • Continue Dinosaur PowerPoint Project- www.zoomdinosaurs.com
    • Slide 2 - Add a title called Velociraptor. Add a picture fo a Velociraptor. Add a sentence telling a fact about dinosaurs. Save your work.
    • Slide 3 - Add a title called Sauropods. Add a picture of a Sauropod. Add a sentence telling a fact about dinosaurs. Save your work.

  • Kansas Day activites
  • You tube video about the Kansas State Capitol dome tours

  • Once you have scored 100% on your spelling you may go to Dance Mat.
  • Keyboarding

Keyboard Climber

January 16-20
  • Dinosaur Project- finish fact worksheet using www.zoomdinosaurs.com
  • Begin power point
    • Create 4 new slides in PowerPoint. Use the internet fo find pictures of the dinowaurs. Use your fact worksheet to add facts about dinosaurs to your slides.
      • Slide 1 - Add a title called All About Dinosaurs. Copy and paste 3 pictures of different dinosaurs and add your name. Save your work.
      • Slide 2 - Add a title called Velociraptor. Add a picture fo a Velociraptor. Add a sentence telling a fact about dinosaurs. Save your work.
      • Slide 3 - Add a title called Sauropods. Add a picture of a Sauropod. Add a sentence telling a fact about dinosaurs. Save your work.
      • Slide 4 - Add a title with a dinosaur's name. You pick one you like. Add a picuture of that dinosaur. Add a sentence telling a fact about dinosaurs. Save your work.