3rd grade

Christmas Poem Voki

Dec. 8, 2015

November 10

  • Dance Mat
    • Begin on Level 1: stages 1-3
    • Remind them to sit up straight
    • Try to keep their eyes on the monitor
    • Fingers on home row
  • If they work hard they may have free time for the last 15 min of class.

May 12
May 5
US Presidents

April 23
  • Continue President Reports
April 14
Presidential Reports

April 7
  • Whole class: introduce welcome to the web. Learn all about the internet.
  • Welcome to the Web
March 24
  • Complete All About Me PowerPoint
  • Botlogic
March 17
  • Continue All About Me PowerPoint
  • Open it from your folder.
March 11
  • Open PowerPoint, start typing Power on the start screen
  • Create your "All About Me" PowerPoint
  • Need to have at least 6 slides, but you may have more.
  • 3 or less pictures on each slide
  • 6 or less bullets on each slide
      • We will take your photo later
      • Slide 1 - Title : All About Me by your name, with your photo
      • Slide 2 - Facts about you (age, hair color, where you live, town or country
      • Slide 3 - Food (main dish, dessert, etc.)
      • Slide 4 - Subject at school
      • Slide 5 - Thing to do after school or on weekends
      • Slide 6 - Favorite Sport
    • SAVE to YOUR FOLDER as ALL ABOUT ME with your initials

March 3

Feb. 24
  • View Winter in Six Words videos.
Feb. 18
  • Complete Pioneer Project if you need to.
  • Warm up fingers with Alpha-Quick(see how fast you can type the alphabet!)
  • Repeat this several times, try to improve your time, and try not to look at the keyboard!
  • Continue keyboarding on Dance Mat.
  • Dance Mat typing

Feb. 3
  • Pioneer Project
    • After researching pioneer life, create a picture about what you discovered. Include three factual statements about your picture.
    • Save As Pioneer your name
Jan. 28
  • Work with your partner to research this webquest. Work together, take turns reading, and learning new facts about pioneer life. What new information did you learn? Were all Indians mean? Were blacksmiths important to pioneers? What were some of the hardships they faced?
  • Pioneer Life Webquest

Jan. 6
  • Winter in Six Words
    • Create a Power Point that includes six slides. Insert a winter picture on each slide. Include a descriptive sentence that is six words long that describes the winter picture.
    • The first slide is your title slide. The title needs to be Winter in Six Words and by your name.
    • You may search for winter images on Creative Commons Search.
Dec. 16
Blabberize your Animal to pull Santa's sleigh
  1. Create your drawing in Paint.
  2. Save as a jpeg in your folder.
  3. Go to www.blabberize.com
  4. Click on log in.
  5. Username: aajoyce
  6. Password: mustangs
  7. Click on Make.
  8. Click on Browse.
  9. Find your picture in your folder.
  10. Resize picture if needed.
  11. Click on blue arrow.
  12. Resize and place mouth where you want it to move.
  13. Click on blue arrow.
  14. Click on microphone.
  15. Click on purple dot button to start and stop recording.
  16. Click on play button to preview.
  17. Click on OK when you are satisfied with your recording.
  18. Click on Save.
  19. Describe your blabber, title, description, and tag.
  20. Click on Save.
  21. Congratulations!!! You have just created a blabberize!

Dec. 9
Nov. 18
Create your poem by filling in the blanks with adjectives. Then copy and paste it to a Word Doc, add your name and insert a Thanksgiving picture.

Motion games
Nov. 4
  • Open Paint and recreate a monster using the instructions your partner wrote.
  • After writing step-by-step instructions on how to recreate your monster, practice your spelling words on Spelling City.
Oct. 14
  • Read Many Marvelous Monsters
  • Discuss the adjectives used.
  • Complete the monster adjective word web worksheet
  • Remember to describe the size, shape and color of each part of your monster.
  • Dance Mat- Level 1, stage 1-3
Oct. 7
Oct. 3

Sept. 30

Sept. 23
Sept. 16-20

Sept. 9-13
  • Remember...Use proper technique even when you are playing games!!
    • Eyes on screen, elbows at side, fingers on home row, sit up straight, feet on floor.
  • Keyboarding

  • Spelling City
  • Log in to spelling city and practice this week's spelling words. Click on the S-test. When you earn a 100% you may play the games.
August 29th
Let's practice our math facts today:

August 27th and 28th
August 22
  • Review Tech Lab rules
    • Enter the room quietly, use hand sanitizer, sit on carpet.
    • Respect your classmates and the technology equipment.
  • Windows 8
    • Sign in, sign out
    • Start screen, tiles, charms, charm bar, apps, desktop
    • Maximize, minimize, close tab
  • Watch Arthur's Computer Disaster
  • Watch Mouse song