3rd Grade
April 29-May 3
President Reports
  • Research-Use the President Report page on my website to research your President and complete your ws.
April 8-12
Continue plant life cycle pictures
April 2-5
Whole Class: Review Plant Life Cycle



March 25

March 18-22
  • Keyboarding
March 4-8
  • Continue Dr. Seuss
  • Keyboarding when finished
Feb. 25-28
  • Listen to My Many Colored Days
  • Type a rhyme using an emotion, colors, and the senses.
  • Then draw a picture in Paint to show the rhyme.
  • Example
  • Save.
Feb. 11-14
  • Create a Valentine in MS Word
Jan. 28-31
  • Open Photo story 3
  • Upload power point slides.
  • Record yourself reading your Winter in Six Words power point.
  • Save your project as Photostory1-your initials.
  • Preview your project.
  • Share with the class!!
  • Brain teasers
Jan. 22-25

Jan. 14
  • Continue on Winter in Six Words
Jan. 4

Dec. 10-14

Dec. 4-7
Nov. 30
  • Test
    • Open a Word Document
    • Type your name 3 times, using a different font, size and color each time
    • Insert a clipart picture of your choice
    • Format the picuture Behind the text
  • Dance Mat
Nov. 26- 30


  • MS Word
    • font
    • allign text right, left, center
    • spacing
    • Insert tab, clip art, shapes

Nov. 19-20
Nov. 12-16

Nov. 5-9

  • Watch Presidential election- Brain Pop Jr.
  • Open Tux paint- draw a picture of what you would do if you were President
Nov. 1

Oct. 23-26

Oct. 15-18
  • Finish Star Student Bio
  • When finished
    • Math Facts
    • Dance Mat
    • Sit up straight, feet flat on the floor, if possible
    • Wrists straight and fingers curved
    • Hands on Home Row to start
    • Elbows at sides
    • Tap lightly with tip of finger
Oct. 8-12
  • Continue Star Student Bio
    • Insert your photo in your title page
Sept. 17-21
  • Continue Star Student Biography Powerpoint

Sept. 10-14
  • Watch God Bless the USA
  • Star Student Biography
  • Create a power point titled Star Student Biography. Your name should be on the title page and insert your picture.
    • slide 2: Where were you born? Name the city and state you were born. Insert a picture of that city or state.
    • slide 3: How did you get your name? Using a complete sentence, tell how you got your name.
    • slide 4: How many brothers and sister do you have? Using a complete sentece, tell how many siblings you have.
    • slide 5: What is something funny or interesting you did as a baby? Using complete sentences answer the question. Insert a picture that goes with your story.
    • slide 6: What is your favorite food? Name your favorite food, and insert a picture.
    • slide 7: What is your least favorite food? Name your least favorite food, and insert a picture of it.
    • slide 8: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them. Insert picture.
    • slide 9: What is one of your favorite famliy traditions? Tell about it and insert a picture.
    • slide 10: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Tell about it and insert a picture.
    • slide 11: What has been your favorite part of elementary school so far? Tell about it and insert a picture.
    • slide 12: What do you want to be when your grow up? Tell about it and insert a picture.
    • slide 13: If you could do anything in the whole world, what would it be and why? Tell about this, and insert a picture.
Sept. 3-6
  • Internet safety
    • Watch Faux Paw
    • Whole group: discuss internet safety, do not give out personal information online
    • Brainpop Internet Safety
  • Acrostic Poem: What is an acrostic poem?
    • Create an acrostic poem using your name. Think of words that describe you that begin with the letters in your name. Open Word to create a document.
    • Review Word, ribbon, tabs, word art etc.
    • Print

August 22-31