4th Grade
December 15, 2015

December 7, 2015

December 4, 2015

April 28
  • Voki
  • Create avatars to report information about your state.
April 23
  • Complete Animal Habitat Brochures
  • Dance Mat when finished
April 11
Easter Games:
March 24
  • Continue working on you Animal Habitat Brochures
National Geographic for Kids
March 17
  • Sign in to Digital Passport
  • Click on Search Shark
    • be sure to watch video then play the game, chomp those guppies after you select the effective keywords for searching online.
March 13
  • Continue The Dog Island ws.
  • Whole Class: watch the following videos.

March 11
    • Go to this website www.thedogisland.com. Use your detective skills. Explore the site. Then complete the worksheet, don't forget to put your name on it. If you finish early you may work on Flappy Bird.

March 3
    • Finish your Kansas Symbols project
    • Code.org: Flappy Bird - Work through phases and then create your own "Flappy Bird" game!
Feb. 24
    • Untitled.jpg
    • Begin Kansas poster.
      • Insert clip art map of Kansas
      • Insert Kansas in Word art
      • insert clip art of Kansas symbols

    • Warm up fingers with Alpha-Quick(see how fast you can type the alphabet!)
    • Repeat this several times, try to improve your time, and try not to look at the keyboard!
    • Continue keyboarding on Dance Mat.
    • Dance Mat typing

    • Take a break from keyboarding and try these brain teasers the last 10 min of class!!

Feb. 10
    • Digital Citizenship: whole class: What does it mean to be a responsible digital citizen?
    • Complete WS.
Jan. 28
Complete Snowflake Webquest
We will be creating symmetrical shapes using MINECRAFT when you complete the webquest!!!
Jan 13
Snowflake Bentley
Jan. 6
    • Continue Parody
De. 16
    • Continue Twas the Night Before Christmas Parody

Dec. 9
Dec. 2
    • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas Parody Project
      • What is a parody?
      • Discuss "What Does the Fox Say" and "What Does the Farmer Say"
      • Discuss how a parody imitates the rhythm and sometimes can be humorous.
      • Watch 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
    • Download the Power Point file
    • Create your own 'Twas the Night Before Christmas parody.
    • Try to use the rhythm and rhyming words.
    • Try to use the same number of syllables per line in your parody as the original 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.
    • Remember to save as Christmas Parody your name in your My Documents folder.
Nov. 18
Hour of Code
Nov. 4
    • 4th grade Zombie video

Oct. 28
    • Keyboard Pumpkin

Oct. 7
    • Spelling city
    • Take an AR test if you need to.
    • Continue work on the All About Me project.
Oct. 3
Keyboarding games
Sept. 30
Sept. 16-20

Sept. 8-13
    • Remember...Use proper technique even when you are playing games!!
      • Eyes on screen, elbows at side, fingers on home row, sit up straight, feet on floor.
    • Keyboarding

    • Type words describing your book into word cloud. Change the font, color, and text direction. Save as word cloud-your name.
    • Word Cloud
Sept. 3
    • Word: Open, close, new document, ribbon, tabs, font, etc.
    • Type a paragraph about what you did over the weekend.
August 29th
Let's practice our math facts today:
August 27th and 28th
August 22
    • Review Tech Lab rules
      • Enter the room quietly, use hand sanitizer, sit on carpet.
      • Respect your classmates and the technology equipment.
    • Windows 8
      • Sign in, sign out
      • Start screen, tiles, charms, charm bar, apps, desktop
      • Maximize, minimize, close tab
    • Log in to MBC
    • Watch Arthur's Computer Disaster
    • Watch Mouse song