May 13
  • Continue Twalker Comic Strips in Power Point.
April 29-May 3
  • Keyboarding
  • Communication Mission- Digital Citizenship
  • Log into MBC. The following situations will be posted. Pick one, write a conversation comic strip about the situation in Power Point. Draw a pictures in Tux Paint, copy and paste it to your story.
    • A Twalker is using his cell phone in a movie theater.
    • A Twalker is texting on her cell phone when she should be sleeping.
    • A Twalker is using his cell phone while crossing the street.
    • A Twalker is using texting with a friend while she is doing her homework.
    • Come up with a situation of your own!

April 15-19
April 8-12

April 2-5
Keyboarding : remember to use both hands, keep your fingers on home row.
When you are done:
March 25
March 4-8
Have fun learning from these games!

  • Continue working on Amazing Animal Power Points.
  • Keyboarding
  • Spelling City
  • username: dwmustangs
  • password: mustangs

Feb. 25
  • Amazing Animal PowerPoints

Feb. 11-14
  • Things I Love
  • Text Layout
  • Type your name, then sentences begining with "The things I love..."

Jan 28-31
  • When finished with Kansas symbol poster
    • Begin Amazing Animal PowerPoint.
  • Finish recipes.
  • When finished begin Kansas symbol poster.
  • Untitled.jpg
  • Save and print.

Jan. 22-25
  • Finish typing recipes, save and print.
  • Begin Kansas poster.
    • Insert clip art map of Kansas
    • Insert Kansas in Word art
    • insert clip art of Kansas symbols

Jan. 14

Jan. 4
  • Keyboarding
  • Winter story-rotation

Dec. 10-14
  • Finish and print Who Am I reports
  • Open tree card. Use the bucket fill to color the card. Use gradient, texture, and paterns.
  • Insert your picture and format.

Dec. 4-7
  • Continue Who Am I? reports

Nov. 12-16

Nov. 5-9

  • Upload self portraits to MBC
  • Open a Word Doc.
    • Using MLA format type
      • ????
      • Your teacher's name
      • Class name
      • Date
    • Save as yournameallaboutme
Nov. 1

Oct. 23-26
  • Create Thankyou cards in Publisher.
  • All About Me
  • Self-portrait
    • Save as yourname-portrait
    • amyportrait.png
Oct. 15-18

Oct. 8-12
  • Open a MS Word Document and write a paragraph reflection on what you learned at 4H day.
    • Set margins to 1 in.
    • Set double spacing
    • Times New Roman Font
    • 12 pt.
      • Your Name
      • Teacher's Name
      • Class
      • Today's Date
      • Center Title Fun at 4H Day
      • Remember to indent a paragraph.
  • All About Me
  • Spelling city
    • username: dwmustangs
    • password: mustangs
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Keyboarding--Dance Mat
Sept. 24-28
  • Keyboarding
Sept. 17-21
Continue Conversations
Sept. 10-14
  • Whole group: Review Word, how to open and save to home folders. Review spacing and punctuation.
  • Open a word document and begin typing conversations.
August 22-31