5th Grade
May 6th
If not done, finish storyboards & make sure your storyboard:
  • Describes the setting
  • Introduces main characters
  • Introduces story line
  • Does NOT give away the ending
  • Includes the book cover - should probably be first or last

April 29
  • Book Trailers
  • Examples of book trailers
  • How to create a storyboard
    • Needs to be 15 slides long including title and credit slides.
    • Draw or describe the image.
    • Write your script.
    • Think about what you want to say for each image.
    • Need 10-15 sentences.
    • How long will each image be shown?
    • Transitions
  • Photo story

March 20
  • Explore Voki
  • Create an avatar
March 13

March 11
  • Make sure your timeline is complete.
  • Sign in to typing web. Work on the courses, we will be taking a test later in the week.
Feb. 19
Complete the Iditarod work sheet.
When finished, sign in to typing web and continue working on the courses!

Feb. 3
Kansas timeline.jpg

Continue Kansas Day Timeline
  • Create a timeline using Word.
  • Embed a video and image into your timeline. Use the links below to find a video. In your presentation you will need to explain why you used this video.
  • History channel
  • Teacher Tube
Jan. 27
Kansas Day Research and Timeline

Jan. 6
Welcome Back!
  • Typing Web
  • Introduce Speak Like a Geek
    • Sign up for Technology Term to research.
Dec. 9
Dec. 5
  • Typing Web
  • Log in to typing web. Continue on lessons for 10 minutes, then take a test. Remember to sit up straight, eyes on the screen, fingers on home row, elbows at side, and feet on the floor. Also move the keyboard to the edge of the table. I will use the test score for your keyboarding grade this week so do a nice job!

Nov. 18
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Games:

Nov. 4
  • Keyboard region reports
  • Typing web
  • begin Region Brochure
Oct. 28
Oct. 22
  • Finish brochure
  • Begin Regional Brochure
  • Latitude and Longitude WS- use this interactive Map.
Oct. 14th

Oct. 7th
  • Whole class: How to create a brochure?
  • Create your own brochure about Doniphan West 5th grade
    • Include: school name, address, phone number, 5th grade teachers, classes, mascot, school colors
Oct. 3
Sept. 23

Sept. 10-13
  • The Important Thing About Me
    • Create a self portrait using Paint.
    • Save in your folder as YOUR NAME PORTRAIT.
    • Open a word document to create your own "Important Thing About Me" document.
      • Set page margins to 1"
      • Set paragraph formatting to be double-spaced
    • The first 4 lines of your document should be: your name, my name (Mrs. Joyce), name of the class (Technology), today's date.
    • The next line should be the title of your document, centered on the page. Your title should be The Important Thing About "Your First Name"
    • After the title, insert your self portrait.
    • After your self portrait, write your Most Important Informatin
      • The important thing about [your first name] is that...
      • He or she is - List 3 to 5 things about yourself
      • But the important thing about [your first name] is...(repeat the first line)
      • Save this as yourname-most important
    • When you are done...
Sept. 4th
August 29th
  • Keyboarding
  • Typing Web
  • Click on Start Typing, close the next window that opens (account), Click on Home Row Keys and begin. Continue.
  • Remember: Sit up straight, elbows at side, feet flat on the floor, eyes on the screen, fingers on home row!!
  • The last 10 min. of class you may play the Interactive keyboarding games
August 27th and 28th