5th Grade
April 22-26
Movie Trailer
April 8-12
March 25
MS Word short cuts
March 18
  • Groups
  • Katy Perry Firework lyric PowerPoint
  • Keyboarding when finished
March 4-8
  • Thursday, March 7th
Have fun learning from these games!!
We will finish PowerPoint next week!
Have a good weekend! :)

  • Continue Dr. Seuss project
  • Keyboarding, check on Mushers
Feb. 25-28
  • Listen to My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss
  • Whole Class: review Power Point.
  • Create a Power Point titled My Many Colored Days by your name.
  • You will create six slides.
  • On each slide type a rhyme using an emotion, colors, and the senses.
  • Illustrate each slide to go with each rhyme.

  • Keyboarding and Brain Teasers

Jan. 22-25
  • When finished
  • Create a timeline in Word using the Basic timeline Smart Art.
  • Insert the 5 important dates of Kansas History that you researched.
  • Insert the title Events in Kansas History by your name at the top of your document.
  • Insert Kansas clipart to your document to make it look nice.
  • Save.
  • Kansas timeline.jpg
Jan. 14-18
Jan. 7
  • Keyboarding
  • Typing Web/ Homerow and Beyond

Jan. 4

Dec. 10-14
  • Keyboarding
  • Word Christmas Tree
    • Center Christmas words, format to look like the shape of a Christmas tree
    • Insert a star and rectangle for the trunk using the shapes tool.
    • Using Word Art insert your name above the star.

Dec. 4-7
Nov. 26-30
  • Keyboarding
  • Cite the Source WS
    • Use the web to search for the answers, then cite the source in a Word Doc.
Nov. 19-20
Nov. 12-16
Nov. 5-9
  • Titanic webquest
  • IXL Math
Oct. 29-Nov.2

Oct. 23-26
  • Create Thankyou cards for businesses.
    • Publisher
  • MLA format - type stories.
  • Keyboarding when finished
Oct. 15-18
  • Keyboarding
  • Type report for Mrs. Smith
Oct. 8-12
Oct. 1-5
  • Keyboarding
  • Type to Learn 4

Sept. 24-28
  • Create Word document titled Take Me Out to the Ballgame
  • Use MLA format:
    • Times New Roman font, 12 point
    • double spaced
    • Your name, teacher's name, class, date
    • Center the title
    • Remember to indent

Sept. 17-21
  • Finish Self-Portrait in Paint
    Remember to save this as a PNG or JPEG
  • Continue The Important Thing About Me project
Sept. 10-14
Continue The Important Thing About Me project

Sept. 3-7
  • The Important Thing About Me
  • Create a self portrait using Paint.
  • Save in your folder as YOUR NAME PORTRAIT.
  • Open a word document to create your own "Important Thing About Me" document.
    • Set page margins to 1"
    • Set paragraph formatting to be double-spaced
  • The first 4 lines of your document should be: your name, my name (Mrs. Joyce), name of the class (technology), today's date.
  • The next line should be the title of your document, centered on the page. Your title should be The Important Thing About "Your First Name"
  • After the title, insert your self portrait.
  • After your self portrait, write your Most Important Informatin
    • The important thing about [your first name] is that...
    • He or she is - List 3 to 5 things about yourself
    • But the important thing about [your first name] is...(repeat the first line)
    • Save this as yourname-most important
  • When you are done...

August 22-24
  • Review rules
  • hand out log-ins and passwords
  • Dance Mat keyboarding