December 2015

November 12, 2015

Keyboard for 15 minutes, then work on the hour of code, you will find the link below.

November 10, 2015

Take all five speed tests recording your CALCULATED speed for each test. You may take each test twice and then record the best of the two CALCULATED speeds! Remember, the time starts when you start typing and you can use the backspace key to correct mistakes on these tests!

When finished they may go to the Hour of Code.
  • Hour of Code
  • Click on the RED Go button
  • Click on the YELLOW TRY NOW button
  • Watch the videos and complete the puzzles

November 4, 2015

  • May 12
  • Log your Digital Media usage.
  • How much time are you spending on digital media?
  • Do you think you are spending too much or too little time connected?
Keyboarding Games
May 2
  • Introduce Excel
    • Create a bar graph using the given bag of skittles.
    • Sort by color.

April 2
  • Ancient Egypt Infografics
  • Using Powerpoint, create an infographic on one of the kingdoms of Ancient Egypt. This needs to include:
    • Name of kingdom
    • timeline
    • places they lived
    • occupations
    • subsistence
    • rulers
    • map
    • cool facts
    • religion
  • Each slide must contain shapes using smart art, color, images. Organize your information using color, shapes and images.

March 24

March 21
March 17
  • Group work: complete Feedback Form.
  • Be prepared to present your selection to the rest of the class with specific supporting evidence on Wednesday.
  • Individually complete Trillion Dollar Footprint Assessment.
March 11
  • Sign in to typing web. [[#|Continue]] working on the courses. We will continue our Digital Footprint project when I return.
  • If you work quietly, diligently and type with good posture, you may have 10 min of flappy bird at the end of class.
Digital Citizenship

Feb. 18
  • Log in to typing web and continue working on the courses.
    • Remember...
      • eyes on screen
      • sit up straight
      • fingers on homerow
      • elbows at side
      • feet flat on the floor
  • If you work hard you may have free time the last 10 min of class!! Make sure you work hard to earn this free time!! :)
  • Try these Physics games
High-Tech Conversation Hearts
Feb. 7

Play Olympic/Olympic Sports related games OR Keyboarding Games:
Whole Class: Giant Digital Pin Art to Morph Faces at the Olympics
It's Olympics Time in the Computer Lab! First, use the Score Sheet to record your achievements:

  1. Olympic Keyboarding- Select Beginner & Lesson #9 (All Letters). When the game ends and it asks about recording your score, look at the bottom of the game for your score & record it on the 2014 Olympics Form.
  2. Frog Jumping- What's the highest level you can reach in 5 minutes? Record your level on the Computer Olympics Form
  3. The Keyboard Olympics - You will be doing each event twice and recording your best score (highest for Speed, Agility & Accuracy and lowest for Skill)
    • Speed - 20 seconds & record your highest score on the Computer Olympics Form
    • Agility - 20 seconds & record your highest score on the Computer Olympics Form
    • Accuracy - Hard Level & record your highest score on the Computer Olympics Form
    • Skill - Medium Level and record your lowest score on the Computer Olympics Form
  4. Play Auditorium- What level can you achieve in 5 minutes? Record your level!
  5. Alpha-Quick - How quickly can you type the alphabet? Try it twice and record your lowest time on the Computer Olympics Form
  6. Husky Slalom- Run the slalom course twice & record your highest score on the Computer Olympics Form

If done, continue the competitive spirit with some Nitro Type


Jan. 21
The Reality of Digital Drama

Jan. 13
  • Speak like a Geek
  • Typing web
Jan. 6
Welcome Back!

Dec. 16
[[#|Mesopotamia]] Newspaper
Type and format each article in Word
  1. Times New Roman
  2. 12 pt.
  3. 2.0 spacing
  4. Center the Title with your name centered below the title.
  5. Press tab to indent at the beginning of a paragraph.
  6. Save As: Newspaper(name of article)your name
  • Open Newspaper Template
  • Copy and paste your articles that were saved in Word to each section of the newspaper.
  • Don't forget to use images. These must first be saved to your folder.
  • Save as: Newspaper your name.pdf

Dec. 9
Nov. 14
Nov. 4
Oct. 14th

Oct. 7th
  • Magazine covers
  • neweek.JPG

Sept. 30- Oct.4

Sept. 10-13
  • Open a Word Doc.
  • Use MLA format:
    • Times New Roman font, 12 pt., double space
    • Your name, teacher's name, class, date
    • Center the title Tour the World
    • List the name of the place (remember to capitalize), it's Longitude and Latitude (don't forget the Degree symbol and direction), and copy and paste a picture of it.
  • Where to find the Degree symbol
    • Click on the Insert tab
    • Click on Symbol in the ribbon
    • Scroll down in the symbol window.
    • When you find the Degree symbol, click on it. You should see the name of the symbol in the window. Then click Insert.
    • After you have searched for it once, it will appear in the drop down window in the symbol button.

  • degree symbol.JPG
    • [[#|Works Cited]] Page
      • title "List of Images and Image Sources"
      • Type the name of the image then paste the site.
  • Save to your folder as Tour the World-your name.
  • Upload to your DRIVE in MBC.
  • When finished you may go to Arcademic Skill Builders

August 29th
  • Keyboarding
  • Typing Web
  • Click on Start Typing, [[#|close]] the next window that opens (account), Click on Home Row Keys and begin. Continue.
  • Remember: Sit up straight, elbows at side, feet flat on the floor, eyes on the screen, fingers on home row!!
  • The last 10 min. of class you may play the Interactive keyboarding games
August 27th and 28th

August 21st
  • Welcome Back
  • Review Rules
  • Usernames and Pass words
  • [[#|Seating chart]]
  • Explore Windows 8
  • My Big Campus
  • Keyboarding games
Peanutize Me