6th Grade

April 26
Body systems
Fact Monster-body systems
Human body systems

March 11
Continue working on China Webquest
Introduce Infographics

March 4-8
Feb. 28
Feb 25
Web quest links:

Feb. 14

  • Form groups
  • Choose dynasty
  • Begin researching Ancient China Dynasties
Feb. 13
Feb. 4-8
  • Kerpoof
  • Create on online story using the winter story your composed.
  • Save
Jan. 7
  • Keyboarding
  • Typing Web/Homerow and Beyond
  • Continue Winter stories/group rotation
  • Keyboarding
  • Winter story-rotation
Dec. 10-14
  • IXL
  • Present Powerpoints.
  • Gift of Love

    1. Class will listen to or read the book "Christmas Day in the Morning" by Pearl S. Buck
    2. Student will write an MLA Formatted essay (or story if they wish to fictionalize this) about a gift of love that they want to give to someone or that they have given to someone with the following requirements:
      • The essay/story is in MLA Format
      • The essay/story includes WHO the gift would be given to, WHY the gift would be given to that person and WHAT and/or HOW the gift would be given
      • The essay/story must be saved in your home folder Gift essay-your name.
      • Upload to MBC.

Dec. 4-7
  • Keyboarding
  • IXL
Nov. 12-16
  • Continue Webquest
  • Begin Powerpoint
Nov. 5-9

Oct. 29- Nov. 2

Oct. 23-26
  • MBC upload files to your stuff and then to an Assignment
  • IXL Math

Oct. 15-18
  • MBC upload file to Your Stuff and then to an Assignment
  • IXL Math
Oct. 8-12
  • Whole Class Tour the World - Your Choices
    • Type a degree symbol in MS Word
    • Copy and paste an image, Print Screen feature, and clip art
    • Crop and image
    • Give the image credit
  • List 6 places, give their longitude and latitude, and copy and paste a picture of the place

Oct. 1-5
  • Keyboarding
  • Type to Learn 4

Sept. 17-21
  • Google earth
  • Google earth ws


September 3-7
  • Create a self portrait using Paint.

August 22-31
  • Star test.
  • Review rules
  • hand out log-ins and passwords
  • Dance Mat keyboarding